chocolate cupcakes / by Nate Everett


Last week, I baked chocolate cupcakes for the first time. Cupcakes are one my favorite sweets - little handheld cakes which are essentially vehicles for decadent, sugary frosting. Cupcakes surged in popularity across America in the early 2000's, with local bakeries and national chains producing creative spins on this classic dessert. Red velvet cupcakes became something of a phenomenon and a top choice to serve to guests for virtually any special occasion.


I searched far and wide for the "perfect" cupcake recipe and I landed on this one by I Am BakerGive it a shot - it's terrific! This recipe makes one of the best frostings I've ever had. The cream cheese gives the chocolate frosting a nice level of structural integrity, making it easy to pipe out on your cupcakes. Bon appetit!

DSC_0011 copy.jpg