Hi, I'm Nate. Welcome to Spice & Hutch!

Spice & Hutch is a cooking and baking blog with French bistro and American comfort-inspired seasonal recipes. Food blogging is a nice creative escape from the hustle n' bustle of Washington, D.C., where I currently live, and the blog is a confluence of two of my favorite hobbies: cooking and photography. I aim to post about once per week, so please stay tuned for updates.

People often ask about inspiration behind Spice & Hutch. When I was brainstorming names for my blog, I wanted something catchy and elegant. I handpicked "spice" and "hutch," which are two of my favorite things found in a kitchen: spices enrich flavor and are critical elements to cooking and baking. A hutch is an old fashioned cabinet for storing spices, baking ingredients and cooking supplies. My great grandmother's hutch is the kitchen centerpiece in the house I grew up in, and in addition to evoking childhood memories, it embodies the essence of my brand-- rustic simplicity and American comfort food.