chai sweet potato cupcakes / by Nate Everett


My contribution to Thanksgiving dinner was: chai sweet potato cupcakes. I kind of hit a wall in my brainstorm for a new autumnal dessert (all that came to mind was pumpkin pie!), so I did a little research using the Google Machine.

I landed on this killer recipe from the Kitchn. The recipe belongs to Tess Huff, who is one of the many contributing food writers to that site. I followed her instructions to the T and the results were excellent; the cupcakes were moist, sugary, and fragrant with the scent of chai and autumn spices. 


The key ingredient is the chai syrup. You make a spice-infused simple syrup which you spoon into the cupcake batter and frosting. It's divine. Get the cupcake recipe hereHappy Thanksgiving!